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When you contact Cornerstone Homes, we will discuss your ideas and dreams for your custom home. This consultation will include speaking with the builder to understand what needs and wants we need to consider to build a home that is right for you. 


Do you have a house plan? 


Ensuring that you have a house plan in mind and finalized is one of the most integral parts of the building process. Cornerstone Homes and our team of experts will walk you through the desired dimension and square footage that you want in your proposed house plan. We will then connect you with a professional draftsman.  


Where do you want to build?    


Finding where you want to build can be accomplished by working with our sales team. They will work with you to find the parcel of land that will accommodate your house plan. Different variables such as the slope, flood plain, and layout of your land will help you determine where you want to build. 


What can you afford and are willing to spend? 


Our sales team will assist you in connecting with local loan officers to obtain financing and construction loans. There are many creative financing options that give you the ability to build a luxury custom home.  


What does a builder and client working relationship look like? 


Communication with your builder will be transparent and honest. Our team will be there to help you every step of the way. This includes drafting plans, walking on proposed building sites, and even helping pick out some of the small finishes. The client should feel at ease that your builder is a phone call away with any concerns or questions about the building process. 


On the client side of the relationship, it is imperative that you attend any meetings with required vendors and make selections on finishes in a timely manner. Cornerstone Homes will provide you with a selection schedule that will correlate with the building timeline to keep your project on time.

Budgeting & Bidding

Cornerstone Homes separates itself from other builders by allowing the owner to pay actual builder invoices throughout the process which provide major discounts. We also complete an in-depth financial budget of expected costs that are built on formulas from recent projects. This is delivered at contract signing and prior to construction. Owners receive invoices and records of each item being purchased. Typically, the buyer saves when paying actual costs and it covers the set fee charged. 


We believe that our transparent budgeting and invoicing process is a way to help our clients always understand the actual cost of the construction. You will know exactly how much you will be paying for each step along the way. 

Contract & Signing

In this step, you will finalize your builder/client relationship through a contract that guarantees the full construction of your home thru move in day. Cornerstone Homes will work with its sales team to develop a building contract. Included in this agreement will be your finalized house plan, Cornerstone Homes Building Contract, Approved Vendors List, and any pertinent documents that have been referenced during your consultation and budgeting. 






Rough Ins


Interior Finishes 


Exterior Finishes 




Certificate of Occupancy 

Our Building Process

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